I’m Kristin Iris

I am a catalyzer for Black liberation, joy, and power.

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As an artist, speaker, and coach for Black creatives, entrepreneurs, etc of all gender identities—I am here to help change the tiredass, bullshit, oppressive narratives around Blackness, and help the Melanated rise to our full Black Power and our capacity to create change in the world.

Black American and Afro-Latina, with my mother's side hailing from Puerto Rico, I was born and raised in Chicago. As a coach and speaker I address the particular challenges and oppressions we face as Black people that are often dismissed or erased by other (re: white) coaches. Working 1-on-1 or in a group, I guide Black creatives through the deep personal work you must do to truly clear your path, and step powerfully into who you are, what you're creating, and the impact you’re meant to have. In working with me you will dismantle your internalize oppressions and expand into a potential that is even greater than you imagine for yourself.

As a artist my favorite place to play is in writing fantasy and sci-fi novels centering Black and POC characters. I also write screenplays, make videos, produce a podcast, and explore other creative arenas. I am Film Producer with MegaMind Media a Black woman-owned film and TV production company, and one day plan to own my own multi-media production company centering the stories and creative work of Black and POC people.

Random facts: I’m a queer, sex-positive “awkward black girl”, 3rd degree Black Belt and Golden Gloves Boxing champ, and a non-coffee drinking Virgo who loves me some wine!


A Manifesto to live by

Live fiercely and passionately. Do what you love. Experience the world.
Create. Laugh often. Love the skin you're in. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit.
Free yourself from the expectations of who you're “supposed” to be
and what you're “supposed” to do.
Do not conform.
Be 100% unapologetically YOU.
Feel deeply even when it hurts - it will empower you.
Love fully—especially yourself. Maintain strong boundaries.
Let go of what holds you down. Break through what holds you back.
Unleash your voice. Stand in your Blackness. Stand in your power. Stand for something.
Challenge your beliefs. Surround yourself with people who elevate you.
Immerse yourself in community. Uplift the collective.
Create social change. Trust Yourself.
You are your

Viva La Revolución