You know you’re meant to do BIG shit - You just have to clear the path first…

Welcome to your {r}evolution! My 1-on-1 Liberation Coaching offerings are specifically designed to support and ignite socially conscious Black creatives, athletes, and entrepreneurs. This is a time to liberate yourself from the bullshit narratives you deal with as a Black person, fully embrace who you are, and step into your power, your passion, and the impact you want to have on the world!

Working with me is for you if:

  • You feel stuck - like you’re blocked in your creative work and not living your full potential

  • Frustrated with the socio-political climate, racism, sexism, white supremacy, and want to make a difference with what you create

  • You struggle with feeling judged, rejected, or dismissed

  • Imposter syndrome, procrastination, and self-doubt are prominent roadblocks

  • You are sick and tired of constantly fighting an image people have of you OR trying to prove an image people don’t see

  • You are fed up with the tired narratives around Blackness and are ready to show the world who you, and we, truly are

  • You are done quieting your voice to keep white people comfortable

  • You are READY to stop letting past experiences, old conditionings, and systemic oppression control you, your life, and your work

  • You want to make a paradigm-shift in your world and the world, and know you need help to get there

  • You have a deep desire to uplift marginalized people and communities and bring more equality, justice, and joy to the world

  • You are READY to commit to yourself, your passion, and the impact you want to make!

Who am I?

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I'm Kristin Iris, an Artist, Coach & Speaker

I help Black creatives & entrepreneurs cultivate liberation, joy, and power, through deep personal work and Black creative expression. It’s time to change the tired narratives around Blackness and step powerfully into who you are, what you're creating, and the impact you’re meant to have!

"I'm a 'go big or why live' kinda bitch."


Let's Explore... 

To clear your path you need to know what’s really in your way. Working 1-on-1 with me we will take a deep dive into the underlying shit holding you back and how they’re impacting you now. Then I’ll guide you through actionable strategies and steps to clear the old patterns and make the changes you need to fully live into your power, your passion, and your unapologetic Black self. Finally you will gain massive momentum and fully commit to your creative work (whatever that is for you) by taking BIG action toward your goals and the impact you KNOW you’re meant to have on the world.

I offer a range of coaching options to choose from

  • 4 Week Ignite Program

  • 3 Day In-Person Intensive - where I travel to you

  • 6 Month Liberation Program - begins with a 3 Day In-Person Intensive

Each option incorporates my 3 Foundational Elements: Clarity, Clearing, and Creation. The more in-depth our time together, the more in-depth we'll go into them, and the greater the benefits you'll experience!


We begin with a deep dive into the old narratives holding you back. This means uncovering the beliefs, fears, internalized oppressions, experiences you’ve forgotten, old stories you didn’t realize you were still living into, and more; where they come from, and where they show up in your life that you haven’t even realize. We'll also implement steps and strategies for you to start unraveling from these narratives and breaking their control over you.


Here you will start making bigger changes to liberate yourself from the old narratives. You'll break your oppressive patterns of behavior and create new empowering ones, clean up the things in your life that need to come to a close, heal your past, and cultivate a deep sense of self-acceptance and self-love for who you TRULY are so you can powerfully share your unique gifts and voice with the world.


Working with me is all about making a paradigm-shift in your life and in the world, right? With getting CLARITY and doing the CLEARING, you will take a whole new leap into CREATION. Our work here will center around learning to stand in your power (even when old narratives rear their ugly heads), fully commit to your endeavors in a new way, and take big BOLD action to bring your vision for your life, your work, and the impact you want to have into reality!

In working with me you will expand into a potential that is even greater than you imagined for yourself.


What's Really In It For You?

You'll not only make massive movement toward your big vision, you will be equipped with the tools, strategies, and a proven process for rewriting narratives, healing pain, and dismantling oppressive patterns as you go forward.

Your personal evolution never really ends. It is a continuous cycle that you move through. In working with me you'll gain the knowledge and tools to liberate yourself and empower yourself so you can liberate and empower others. As you move forward in your life you will stretch far beyond your comfort zone, beyond what you even think you're capable of, until glorious imagination becomes joyful reality.  You can shape your life into what you want and make a major impact on the community and the world around us!

Potential benefits of this work are the freedom to…

  • Fully express your truth in your creative work, relationships, and life

  • Let go of toxic people and cultivate nourishing relationships instead

  • Know your undeniable worth in a world that constantly dehumanizes us

  • Cultivate a deep sense of self-acceptance and self-love

  • Confidently be 100% you and not give a fuck what others think

  • Challenge oppression dynamics and take a stand for yourself and others

  • Create the powerful social impact and change you want to see in society

  • Create a fucking AMAZING life of your own design

  • Have an impact on the world that uplifts our communities in love, joy, and liberation!

What my clients have to say…

One More Thing...

Here's the black ass bottom line...this program can change your life but you have to do the work. This level of transformation and liberation requires dedication and deep internal work, which I will guide you through. You have to get really honest with yourself about yourself and be willing to make big change FOR big change.

I will be your coach, guide, support, and accountability person. I will rally behind you when you don't think you can make shit happen, and I'll be that no-bullshit friend or sister that calls you in when you're falling into old patterns or not showing up for yourself. I am here for you BUT I cannot do the work for you.

I am very particular about who I choose to work with. I do not tolerate excuse-makers and I only take on clients who are 100% serious and dedicated to making real change in their lives, work, and impact, and are ready to invest in themselves to make that happen. If that is not you, don't sweat it! If that is for you book a call below so we can talk!

On the call you'll get clarity on where you specifically need to do deeper work to get where you want to go, and we'll see if we're a good fit to work together.

We are Black creatives.
We are change-makers.
Our work, our voices, our passion, and our resilience are the magic that shapes this world into into a place of Liberation for us all.

Programs range from ($1,750 to $20,000).
I offer scholarship assistance as well.

Have questions before you book? Lay 'em on me below!

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Kristin was actually the catalyst for a deeper spiritual awakening/healing. Just from the CLARITY CALL alone she unearthed a lot of things I didn't know I was still dealing with. She sparked a desire to look deeper into myself and started a really intense journey of self knowledge and self love.

Char Myria