At the Corner of Blackness, Art, and Love with Sara Haile-Mariam - Ep 10

In the first guest episode since returning I am joined by Sara Haile-Mariam for a beautiful conversation on claiming your Blackness and your artist, and how love for ourselves is a power with which we as Black people counter white supremacy and rise!

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Sara Haile-Mariam is a writer, storyteller and musician. She is the front woman and drummer of Makeda!, a band on a mission to reclaim rock and roll. Sara creates unapologetically with, and about, love. She believes that oppressive paradigms are all rooted in the futile attempt to find one’s worth in the perceived worthlessness of another. She believes that art is a powerful vehicle to assist in the ongoing work of healing and reclaiming our humanity.

Sara’s work centers Black People and is created with the intention of holding space for our truths to spoken, our wounds to be healed, and our glory to rise. Born in Ethiopia, Sara initially began exercising her voice and her artistry after being activated by the 2008 Presidential Election. In 2012, Sara got high and found music. A year later she connected with guitarist Mike Sutjipto and founded Makeda!.

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