Boundaries Will Save Your Life - Ep 19

Boundaries are an essential part to living healthy relationships and a healthy life. However, setting and enforcing boundaries with others can be unexpectedly difficult. Why? Why is it so hard to set and enforce boundaries? That's what we explore today.

In this episode I share my experience going from being a bad boundary enforcer to an impeccable one; why boundaries are important, and how they influence other areas of your life. I share why setting and enforcing boundaries can be such a challenge and the historical, and social/cultural influences that make this even more difficult for Black people, and HOW to set and enforce healthy boundaries with people in your life!

***Note: I discuss my experience in an emotionally abusive relationship and how I let my boundaries get crossed. I am in no way blaming myself, nor would I blame anyone else for their own abuse. I was, however, responsible for maintaining my own boundaries and that is what I discuss.

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