Pussy, Privilege, and Power with Kalah Hill - Ep 2

Guest-hosted by Kalah Hill we talk pussy consciousness, breaking oppressive patriarchal norms, and the power of reconnecting to the place we all come from. Don't be fooled! This conversation is for all sexes and gender identities to explore how connecting to pussy connects us to our privilege, our power, and our capacity to create change in an oppressive world.

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Kalah Hill is a Freedom Doula and the Founder of Pussy Consciousness. As a bisexual, biracial woman of color Kalah knows it is her responsibility to activate compassion, freedom and truth within herself and within others. The potent medicine of compassion comes from radical self love. As the founder of Pussy Consciousness Kalah’s intention is to reclaim the wisdom and truth of the feminine. She has chosen to become the leader she was born to be.

Pussy Consciousness is a movement. As the place where all human life is created, pussy plays an essential role in our lives and is due to be reclaimed. It is time to honor the wisdom and sacredness of our original home. Through online group courses and one on one mentorships, Kalah takes people on a deep dive into the science, philosophy, energetics, pleasure and transformative strength of the pussy.

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