Relationships, Betrayal, and Healing From Infidelity with Renelle Nelson - Ep 26

This week is loaded with powerful relationship knowledge bombs! We dive into narratives around Black love that are setting you up for failure. Getting clear on what monogamy and infidelity mean to you. And why you need to TALK because communication is key.

Renelle Nelson joins the show to discuss betrayal, healing after infidelity, communication, sex, and Black love. There are some powerful things here that will change the way you approach your partner, and even how you approach your healing.

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Renelle E. Nelson is an engaging and charismatic clinician and a speaker that gives out hope and actionable steps to create change. She founded Kaleidoscope Services LLC to create a safe and non-judgmental space for clients who may not change their circumstances but can change their view.

Renelle uses her past experience with sexual disconnection and betrayal to show her scars to give hope on healing not just for survival but to thrive. She has assisted numerous couples and individuals through the sex love and chaos of their relationship to the renewal of love, reconnection, and healing. Renelle combined being a Licensed marriage and family therapist, and Certified sex therapist to brand herself as an Infidelity/intimacy recovery Strategist.  She creates a strategic plan to assist committed individuals with reconnecting back to themselves, life and relationships after betrayal.

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