Turning Your Pain Into A Gift with Ebony Tutora - Ep 3

Our past pains, traumas, hurts, and experiences can create a wall of boundaries and barriers to living a fulfilling life and fulfilling relationships. Add to that the societal oppressions and messages we get as people of color and we have a lot to work through! Joining me for this conversation is guest-host Ebony Tutora to discuss how to turn our past pains and traumas into a gift not only to ourselves but to others as well.

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Ebony is a Certified Life Coach,  Motivational Speaker, Writer, and the founder behind the empowerment brand Queens Recognize Queens®. She is a powerhouse of thought, light, and love, offering revolutionary insight into how changing ourselves little by little, IS the change we wish to see. She hosts & collaborates with other women to offer  unique,  holistic workshops, events,  and online classes, to assist women in their pursuit of their highest confidence and potential. Through methods of self-love and self-discovery, Ebony shares the methods that have allowed her to thrive as a champion of life.  Her passion comes in giving women the much-needed tools and perspective to shift their lives into gear of being a true Queen. Her work gives women confidence, clarity, and courage to live their lives with ease, wisdom, and grace.

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