Passion, Play, and Hulahoopin with Nicole Goss - Ep 30

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As humans we are constantly evolving. That means our passions and interests evolve too. In this week’s episode we’re talking passion, play, and changing directions as your interests evolve. Nicole Goss of Blackgurlhoopin joins the show to talk about all the ways she’s changed direction to get where she is now as a hooping instructor and how important it is to pursue what you love and not just what the world tells you to do.

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Nicole Goss is the Creator and Head GFI for Blackgurlhoopin which is a Bodypositve org that centers black women while using the hulahoop as a tool for overall wellness and fitness. It was created as she was in her wellness journey and looking for ways to bond with her daughter. She is 33 a wife daughter mother sister friend and when she is not Hulahooping or caring for her family she nannys and provides care to adults who have special needs. Before now for several years she was a reproductive justice activist and advocate for comprehensive sex education implementation. She considers herself an advocate of people by nature.

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