A Fatherless Epidemic with L.T. Bourne - Ep 34

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There is a cycle of fatherlessness and trauma impacting our Black men all around the world. How does this harm both the family structure and male identity? This is what we explore in this episode which features my first male guest on the show! L.T. Bourne joins me today to share about his trauma growing up fatherless and gives a call-in to Black men to talk about their trauma, explore different views of what manhood means, and break the toxic cycles. This episode is packed with discussion on family, community, manhood and returning to our roots.

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 L.T. “Leo” Bourne discovered in his early 20s his gift of inspiration and leadership. He founded Open Thought, a non-profit organization created for youth development in the Turks and Caicos Islands, to give the youth a voice and an outlet to express themselves. L.T. believed creating Open Thought would inspire youth to overcome circumstances they are facing by giving them a platform to express themselves.

His Upcoming book "It's Not A Man's World" discusses the challenges of living life without a father, being raised by a woman as a man. His mission is to start the conversation: The road to manhood without having a father in the home. Weaving a tapestry of his lifetime of experience, L.T. plans to inspire youth with his personal story and lessons learned about personal development, leadership, and the power of using open-thinking to live a more fulfilling life.

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