Beauty, Confidence, and Boho Locs with Lulu Pierre - Ep 38

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I don’t care what anyone says, hair is important. Especially for Black women who are constantly battling anglo-beauty standards and stigmas around our natural hair. How do you build confidence in the Beauty of your Blackness?

Lulu Pierre founder of Boho Locs joins me today to talk about her brand of high-quality synthetic locs made “for us by us”. We talk natural hair journeys, hair stigma, and building confidence in our own beauty through protective styles like locs that also celebrate Black hair.

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Lulu Pierre is an entrepreneur, natural hair enthusiast, number one bestselling author, Christian and all around good girl who is completely and utterly obsessed with creating quality crochet locs. In the pursuit of the perfect look for her own natural girls who want natural-looking locs, she founded Boho Locs in 2016 and they have only just begun! They’ve curated a collection that helps even the most discerning slay. All. Day.

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