Sex Positive Upbringing with Melissa Carnagey - Ep 5

Sex and sexuality are part of our human experience. But there are so many messages we get as far back as early childhood that teach us to feel ashamed of our bodies, or that we aren't allowed ownership of them. Melissa Carnagey guest-hosts this episode with me to discuss the absolute necessity and generation-changing power of sex-positive parenting and upbringing, especially for Black children and children of color. Whether you have kids or not this conversation will open your eyes to some of your own conditioning and parenting habits that cost you (or your kids) in the future and how to change it!

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Melissa Carnagey is a sex educator and social worker with over 10 years experience in the field of sexual health, having worked in non-profit, state government and classroom settings. She is the founder of Sex Positive Families, a platform that offers pleasure-positive, shame-free education, workshops and support for families and professionals to strengthen sexual health talks with the children in their lives. Melissa is passionate about sex-positive parenting and fostering sexual health in youth. She is an American Sexual Health Association Ambassador and a member of the Sexual Health Alliance as well as the Women of Sex Tech. She lives in Austin, Texas with her partner, raising three sex-positive children between the ages of 4-19.

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