Inclusivity and Racial Silence in Fitness with Sonja Herbert - Ep 006

Fitness, like every industry, has it's issues with race. Joining me is Sonja Herbert for a candid discussion on racism, white supremacy, and anti-blackness in the fitness industry and how it affects fitness professionals of color, customers of color, and why we need to start talking race and fitness!

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Sonja lives in New York where she is a pilates, fitness, and lifestyle coach and a former social worker. She is the founder of Commando Fitness Collective and the Black Girl Pilates community on Instagram and Facebook. Sonja is committed to Black female representation in fitness, as well as improving the health and wellness in the Black community through writing, speaking and curating health and wellness events for Black women. She is comprehensively certified in Pilates, and also holds TRX Level 1 and Kettlebell Concepts Level 1 certifications.

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