Standing Out as a POC Entrepreneur with Deborrah Ashley - Ep 7

Being an entrepreneur is challenging, rewarding, and sometimes exhausting especially as a Person of Color entrepreneur in a white-dominated world. So how do you stand out? Deborrah Ashley joins me today for an honest conversation on leveraging your "It" factor, not letting prejudice hold you back, and some Black icons who are breaking the rules!

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Deborrah Ashley, known for showing people how to leverage their “IT” Factor, helps her clients package and position their expertise and ideas into high value offers. Nearly 4 years ago Deborrah left the corporate world after a 2 decade career to live out her purpose and hasn’t looked back since.  She is consultant, educator and advocate for women over 40 who are ready to impact the world.

A former board member of the National Black MBA Association, Deborrah has raised brand awareness for companies for over two decades and has helped organizations generate over 400 million in sales revenue. To date, she has built 3 highly profitable businesses, been in Oprah Magazine and The New York Times, and has helped over 100 entrepreneurs build awareness around their personal brand.

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