Branding Brilliance for Black and POC Creatives with Shadé Y. Adu - Ep 8

Branding, social media, and impact oh my! Whether you're an entrepreneur, a creative, or an athlete you are your BRAND and if you want to have an impact you have to start thinking that way. Shadé Y. Adu joins me for this brilliant discussion on branding for Black & POC creatives, making money so you can have impact, and the 3 major challenges for Black women entrepreneurs.

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Shadé Y. Adu is a Digital Brand Strategist, International Speaker, Bestselling Author and the Founder of Savvy Solutions Consulting. Shadé helps women entrepreneurs use the power of social media to brand, build, and monetize digital programs, products, and services. She provides transformational tips, tool, strategies, and techniques that turn entrepreneurial leaders into online celebrities by leveraging the power of social media and live streaming. Shadé is a featured expert in Hello Beautiful, Black Enterprise, HuffPost, and the Rachael Ray Show. Shadé has shared her life-changing message in Europe, Asia, Africa, and across the United States.

In addition to being a full-time entrepreneur, Shadé is a doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the recipient of the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship. With a sincere passion for her line of work and a tenacious drive to succeed, Shadé strives to make even more colossal changes in the world around her.

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