Scholarship Contribution
to benefit Black Folx!

From Oreo To Empowered is an 8-Week Group Program I am running this fall for Black creatives who were told they weren’t Black enough and are ready to dismantle their oppressive stories, heal their pain, own their Black creative power, and make a social impact with their work. I am offering partial scholarships to those who want to join and are ready to DO THE WORK but are experiencing a financial challenge or hardship.

Tier 1 full rate is - $1,950. Scholarships can be up to 50% off. To honor myself and the work I put into this program and the guiding of Black folx through this journey, I am looking to have these scholarships supplemented by outside sources so it is not all coming at my expense.

Helping Black folx have more access to the healing, support, guidance, and community they need is part of the work to dismantle white supremacy and antiblackness. To contribute to the betterment of Black folx who need this work please click the button below to give any amount! Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

Who am I?

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I'm Kristin Iris, an Artist, Coach & Speaker

I help Black creatives & entrepreneurs cultivate liberation, joy, and power, through deep personal work and Black creative expression. It’s time to change the tired narratives around Blackness and step powerfully into who you are, what you're creating, and the impact you’re meant to have!