As Black writers our voices & stories are vital

Whether you’re writing a fiction novel, a non-fiction novel, or a screenplay your voice is powerful and your story is vital to the world. Make your story the best version it can be!


As a Story Development Consultant I specialize in helping you create a strong story with solid, fully developed characters while also pointing out blind spots, problematic messages or stereotypes, and sneaky mistakes that will kill your story.

Choose your track below based on where you are in your writing project.

Just getting started


You have an idea or maybe even part of an outline for your book or script but you’re feeling stuck, can’t work through a story or character issue, or just need a working session to get feedback and clear things up. Here’s what you get:

  • You will send me whatever you have of your outline, character profiles, and biggest story issues ahead of time for me to review

  • 60min Working Session to work through your story or character issues - via Video Call

  • Audio recording of our session

  • Rate - $150

Knee-Deep In & Need Some Help


You have a complete (or near complete) outline for your book or script and you know you need an outside eye to review BEFORE you write it all to catch plot or character issues, blindspots you might miss, and help you find ways to strengthen your story that you haven’t thought of. Here’s what you get:

  • You will send me your story synopsis, outline, character profiles, and any problems you are having with the story that you want special attention on.

  • I will send you a written review and/or audio notes on your story, characters, questions I have, issues I see, and answers to anything you specifically wanted help with

  • Revise your outline and resend it to me

  • 60min session to problem solve issues, answer questions, and refine your story - via Video Call

  • Audio recording of our session

  • When you start writing I will review your 1st two chapters or Act I of script to assess. I will send audio notes on the writing (not story) to catch formatting and writing issues so you can make changes early in the process instead of after you have a whole draft.

  • Rate - $500

    • ***For script writers - as a bonus if you’d like a full script review after completion it will be at a discounted rate of $200 (see below for Script Review Services)

Review & Refine My finished draft (Scripts Only)


You have a finished and polished script and want someone to review for plot or character issues, blindspots you might have missed, and give you any specific guidance you want me to focus on. Here’s what you get:

  • This will be a one-time read only

  • Detailed notes marked by script page

  • General notes on formatting or script structure issues for you to address

  • Written and/or audio notes of overall thoughts and impressions, questions, things that worked well, and plot holes or character issues

  • 5-7 day turnaround

  • Rate - $275

    • OPTIONAL ADD ON: If you’d like a detailed mark up of all your script formatting issues/error it is an additional $40/hr after the first 2hours of read time. (Note: This does not include copyediting for grammar and typos.)

Pre-requisites before I review:

  • You must have your script peer-read by at least 2 people

  • You must have your script copyedited for typos and grammar

Not sure which option is for you?

Let’s get on a FREE call and figure out what’s best for you and your project.

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