Bridging the Afrolatinx and Black American Divide with Mavelyn Cedeño - Ep 12

Being Afrolatinx is both beautiful and complicated. Between the denial of Afrolatinx people's Blackness by Black Americans and the erasure of Blackness in Latin America the relationship between Afrolatinx people and the global Black community is complex.

In this episode Mavelyn Cedeño joins me to discuss the many complexities of the Afrolatinx diaspora and how to heal the divide between our global Black communities, histories, and cultures through the power of Pan-Africanism.

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Mavelyn Cedeño is a Dominican activist, orator, teacher, event planner and artist from Washington Heights, NYC. She started curating events for the minds of black people over 10 years ago as college sophomore in south-east Tennessee. Her affinity for challenging our colonized systemic education peaked when she was given the opportunity to teach Ethics & English to 7th and 8th students in the La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Since then she has dedicated her life’s work to being a “behind the scenes” mover and shaker in the fight for Pan-Africanist / decolonizing work within the Diaspora. She is currently the executive administrator of The AfroLatin Diaspora social media platform. And the founder and creator of The Redefining Melanin project.

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