Mental Health, Intuition & Black Stories with Rowana Abbensetts - Ep 32

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Sharing our stories as Black folx is a powerful way of addressing and healing the struggles we face, and embracing the beauty of our humanity. This week Rowana Abbensetts joins the show to discuss mental health, intuition, and following your purpose. As a fellow writer we discuss how important it is for Black stories to be told because they change the narratives for US of what we think is possible.

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Rowana Abbensetts is a Guyanese-American writer, mental health advocate, and founder of Spoken Black Girl Magazine, a platform that promotes wellness among women of color through expressive writing, events, and workshops. Rowana also writes fiction and poetry. She currently working on her first novel, Departure Story, which explores immigration, politics, race, and gender through one woman’s coming of age story.

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