Making Mental Health Care More Accessible with Camesha Jones - Ep 16

Good mental healthcare can literally save lives but Black people have a lot of barriers to entry when it comes to accessing good mental health services.

This week I am joined by Camesha L. Jones, LSW, creator of Sista Afya, LLC. We discuss the particular issues affecting our mental health as Black people that are unique to our communities and experiences--things that don't get addressed in mainstream mental health discussions--and the challenges Black people, especially Black women, face in accessing mental healthcare.

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Camesha L. Jones, LSW is the Founder of Sista Afya, LLC. She has lived with a mental health condition for over 5 years and was able to overcome many challenges to achieve optimal mental wellness. Camesha created Sista Afya to help other Black women experiencing mental health challenges to get the information, community support, and the connection to resources necessary to be mentally well. She is a Radical Social Worker with an A.M. in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago and a B.A. in Sociology from Spelman College. She focuses on clinical and systems change in mental health and interpersonal violence prevention in African-American communities.

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